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My Photography

I first stepped into the world of photography in the summer of 2009; I had just bought my first camera. At the time, my objective was to immortalize high-quality snapshots of my traveling experiences. I had come to realize it was a shame not to be able to crystallize my adventures in foreign lands. Initially, then, I had no particular intention to develop this hobby into the passion that I have today.

I suppose it is curiosity that made me want to go the extra mile. I quickly appreciated the fact that photography was more than just pressing the shutter; there was a whole world of opportunities hiding behind the little heavy box.

Watching and learning from others’ work, I enjoy all kinds of photos. But there is a particular style of photography to which I am most sensitive.

When taking a picture, I like to focus on something specific and fit it well into its surroundings. And after six years of experience, I look back and cannot but note that the presence of human beings in my pictures is extremely important to me. Feelings and expressions through the silhouettes of our faces and bodies are among what I care about the most.

I try not to capture just “images” (lines, shadows and shapes) but to capture a scene the way my mind remembers and maps it, so when I look at one of my photographs I don’t stare at something steady, but rather something dynamic and meaningful. Like Eudora Welty said, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” I do my best for my picture to look alive. A photo shouldn’t need a story to back itself up; it has to speak for itself.

Today, I have trailed around more than thirty countries around the world. These trips have played a big role in my aptitude to “have the eye” and helped me develop a way of seeing the world in its best and worst conditions; they give a particular taste and point of view to the pictures that I take.

Being able to express and release my energy through the arts has become primordial. I try hard to communicate feelings through my pictures, so when one looks at them they can see a facet of my personality. I dearly hope this introduction serves as a stepping-stone for you to appreciate the work exposed on this website.

Patrick Boghossian

2016 Patrick Boghossian