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About me

I was born in Belgium in October of 1990, in a Lebanese family escaping civil war. Most of my childhood memories come from the heart of Brussels, where I grew up with my two siblings John and Stéphane. At the age of seven, my family moved back to native Lebanon after the struggle was over.

In the vibrant Middle East, I completed my education in Catholic school and graduated in 2009. I completed both French and Lebanese Baccalaureates, which meant that intense schoolwork was in my routine. Staying on top of homework was not always an easy task, but it did not prevent me from developing my passion for extracurricular activities.

For eight years, I followed the intensive training program of a national alpine skiing club of Lebanon, with whom I participated in races both at home and abroad. Movies and music also had their effect on my appreciation for the arts early on. I was the guitar leader of a school band for more than three years. Likewise, I was duo DJ-ing with a close friend; we played in nightclubs and bars throughout high school years but didn’t go professional.

Having lived in Lebanon also brings to mind the war of 2006. The violent military clash represented a significant turning point in my life. Hardships that my family endured, although too fresh to unveil their long-run effect on its youth, certainly sharpened my personality.

In 2009, I was admitted to McGill University in Montreal, where I am currently studying toward a concentration in Economics and Management. I am honored and happy to be here; studying abroad had always been part of the plan. Lebanon will always be the place I call “home,” but there’s a wide wild world that I wish to familiarize myself with and to learn from. A new culture, a new routine, new friends and acquaintances: most definitely a new life! Montreal has exceeded my expectations; I am trying to make the most out of its vivid atmosphere by actively getting involved in the community.

Having lived in three different continents and traveled to more than twenty countries around the globe, my passion for original and exciting experiences is what I care the most about.

2016 Patrick Boghossian