Heritage, storytelling
and a passion for design

As a sixth-generation Lebanese jewellery designer and gemologist, Patrick Boghossian draws on a multicultural artistic heritage to create distinctive, architectural jewellery. 

After working in the family gemstone business and the diamond industry in Antwerp, Surat and New York, Patrick was drawn to jewellery design and began specialising in bespoke bridal jewellery. 

Today, he draws on his years of gem industry expertise, sourcing special cuts and unique stones to create singular jewels for curious, cultivated individuals. 

An accomplished photographer and musician, Patrick’s many artistic talents and interests combine in each piece, and he now delights in offering clients personal, expert service.

Jewellery legacy

As the descendant of six generations of gemology experts and jewellers over an impressive 150 years, Patrick Boghossian’s talent for fine jewellery design is more than his life’s work – it’s his ancestral gift.

Heritage is the foundation for Patrick Boghossian's life’s work as he comes from generations of gemologists. The Boghossian family business was started in 1868 by Ovaness Boghossian, in the heart of the ancient Silk Route. Patrick Boghossian's father Gerard Boghossian traded in Antwerp, supplying diamonds to fine jewellers around the world for more than 30 years. During his years trading diamonds with his father in Antwerp, Patrick Boghossian became embedded in the European jewellery business.

To honour the Boghossian legacy, in 2022 Patrick Boghossian created his own jewellery label, Patrick Boghossian London, cultivating his love for storytelling through luxury fine jewellery.

Ethical impact

“Having travelled around the world and observing nature in its true form, it was important for me to create a brand that stands true to preserving the earth. That's why all our gemstones and metals are conflict-free, have a minimal environmental impact, and are sourced ethically.”

— Patrick Boghossian

Craftsmanship with you
at the centre

"For me, jewellery is much more than a fusion of meticulous design, precise detail, precious metals and stunning rare gemstones. Jewellery symbolises our human connections – it marks our milestones and our commitment to our loved ones, it captures our cherished memories and bonds us to future generations.

My vision is to expertly craft one-of-a-kind pieces just for you – to differentiate and adorn yourself with timeless, elegant and modern-edged treasures that tell your life story."

— Patrick Boghossian