"My vision is to expertly craft one of a kind pieces just for you – to differentiate and adorn yourself with timeless, elegant and modern-edged treasures that tell your life story."

Patrick Boghossian

The process

Create one of a kind jewellery together with Patrick Boghossian


Private consultation

Embark on your bespoke journey with a free consultation with Patrick Boghossian. Share your story and together with Patrick Boghossian, you'll envision your design, moodboard your materials and channel your inspiration. The private consultation takes place in person with Patrick Boghossian in London or virtually.


Writing your story

Next, Patrick Boghossian shares his design sketches based on your vision, with details on costs and timelines. Together, you'll finalise a design concept to begin crafting your one of a kind piece.


See your story come to life

We'll share a 3D rendering of your bespoke piece to visualise the design, cut, gemstone and materials before it's made. You'll have the chance to make changes and consult with Patrick Boghossian to ensure your piece perfectly tells your story


The magic happens

After you have approved your design, your piece is carefully crafted, with Patrick Boghossian’s guidance, using ethically sourced gemstones. Once your one of a kind creation is cast, cut and set, Patrick Boghossian personally checks it for quality. Finally, it's hand-packaged and sent to your home, ready for you to enjoy forever.

Just for you

Create a magnificent piece of beauty that is just as unique as you, to celebrate your accomplishments and mark your milestones. Patrick Boghossian will personally consult with you to design and craft a truly customised work of art – the creativity is limitless. Craft the essence of your own spirit – a fusion of meticulous design, precise detail, precious metals and stunning rare gemstones.