We're doing our part
to be responsible to the planet

“Having travelled around the world and observing nature in its true form, it was important for me to create a brand that stands true to preserving the earth. That's why all our gemstones and metals are conflict-free, have a minimal environmental impact, and are sourced ethically.” - Patrick Boghossian


Each piece from Patrick Boghossian is responsibly sourced and crafted under fair conditions. Patrick Boghossian works only with artisans and suppliers that are planet-conscious, with years of experience practising their honed skill.

Patrick Boghossian works only with diamond manufacturers that are compliant with the Kimberley Process (KP), a commitment to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. KP members are responsible for eradicating 99.8% of the production of conflict diamonds worldwide.

Patrick Boghossian works only with coloured gemstone suppliers that are RJC certified, which covers standards for responsible jewellery from mine to retail.


Our packaging is carefully crafted to the high standard of the Patrick Boghossian label. The wooden box housing your piece is made of sustainably sourced natural oak from Lviv, Ukraine. Part of the proceeds of your purchase is donated to an organisation that plants trees around the world.

You can reuse your jewellery box for years to come, or simply remove the magnetic tip on the lid before recycling.