• Ralph

    "Patrick was incredible in the process of choosing the best engagement ring. His advice, honesty and transparency turned an anxiety-provoking experience into a pleasant and successful one."
  • Stefano

    "I knew what she would like but couldn't find it in traditional jewellery shops. Patrick quickly understood what I was looking for and adapted his style to create the perfect ring.

    His sketches and 3D models really helped me to visualise the idea and choose between the different directions he presented. Overall it was a surprisingly smooth experience, from the diamond selection to the final piece."
  • Philippe

    "Not just a jeweller, but a true artist who is receptive, patient and passionate. The entire process was flawless, from conception to diamond sourcing and crafting."
  • Michael

    "I appreciate how Patrick used his knowledge to educate, his talent to inspire and his curiosity to listen for feedback. It was a joy to witness the artistic vision in his hand-drawn sketches and a rarity to see him combine it with true customer-centric attention to detail from vision, to the concept, to realization."
  • Makram

    "The process was flawless from beginning to end. Patrick puts the customer at the heart of the process. He understood my intentions perfectly, and he used his extensive technical expertise to create the ring of my dreams."
  • Anesti

    "In short, everything went perfectly well. I ordered two custom-made pieces and the quality, delivery time, and cooperation were on point. A lifetime warranty is also offered.He made one very happy customer looking forward to working with him again"