At Patrick Boghossian, we've had the pleasure of serving hundreds of happy customers, and our family keeps growing. Our passion lies in blending elegance, quality, meaning, and craftsmanship to create something truly special. We're here to bring joy into your life! Working in the jewelry industry isn't just a job for us—it's a source of immense happiness and fulfillment.

  • Ralph

    "Patrick was incredible in the process of choosing the best engagement ring. His advice, honesty and transparency turned an anxiety-provoking experience into a pleasant and successful one."

  • Stefano

    "I knew what she would like but couldn't find it in traditional jewellery shops. Patrick quickly understood what I was looking for and adapted his style to create the perfect ring. His sketches and 3D models really helped me to visualise the idea and choose between the different directions he presented. Overall it was a surprisingly smooth experience, from the diamond selection to the final piece."

  • Philippe

    "Not just a jeweller, but a true artist who is receptive, patient and passionate. The entire process was flawless, from conception to diamond sourcing and crafting."

  • Michael

    "I appreciate how Patrick used his knowledge to educate, his talent to inspire and his curiosity to listen for feedback. It was a joy to witness the artistic vision in his hand-drawn sketches and a rarity to see him combine it with true customer-centric attention to detail from vision, to the concept, to realisation."

  • Makram

    "The process was flawless from beginning to end. Patrick puts the customer at the heart of the process. He understood my intentions perfectly, and he used his extensive technical expertise to create the ring of my dreams."

  • Anesti

    "In short, everything went perfectly well. I ordered two custom-made pieces and the quality, delivery time, and cooperation were on point. A lifetime warranty is also offered. He made one very happy customer looking forward to working with him again."

  • Yacine

    "Extremely grateful for the support Patrick provided during this process. His passion, dedication and pedagogy really helped me create a ring we truly love while enjoying every step of the way!"

  • Patrick

    "Patrick accompanied us throughout the process to tailor the perfect ring for our special event. The result exceeded our expectations as he crafted a ring that perfectly matched our (long) list of requirements."

  • Georges

    "Patrick invested his full dedication to the bespoke services he provided, from design to execution.  Working with superior talent and craftsmanship makes the whole process very smooth and enjoyable. Thank you, Patrick."

  • Michel

    "A meticulous eye for detail combined with a deep passion for his designs is a few of the pillars that embody Patrick’s extensive craft."

  • Laurens

    "Patrick was a true gem to work with in designing that perfect engagement ring. He found the perfect balance between asking for our preferences and making his own expert recommendations. The process was uniquely collaborative, and the 3D designs he sent us before he crafted the ring gave us confidence that it was going to be the right one. We’re so incredibly happy with the result and grateful for Patrick’s support. Highly recommend!"

  • Julian

    "I loved buying my wife’s ring from Patrick. I loved the whole process... really. When I decided to get engaged, I knew nothing about diamonds, what to buy, where, and of course, how big. Patrick talked me through the whole process patiently. He explained all I needed to know. He responded immediately when I peppered him with silly questions late at night. After we finished the design together, Patrick kept me updated with the progress and moved mountains to get the ring to me. The piece itself was superbly designed and executed. It was a beautiful specimen; exactly how I had pictured it. When my wife saw it she burst into tears. I couldn't recommend highly enough buying your life partner a special piece from Patrick."

  • Alex

    "Working with Patrick was really smooth and pleasant.

    He was both very helpful and resourceful while helping me find the right diamond at a very competitive price. He was also comprehensive and patient when we worked together on the perfect ring design for my beautiful wife!

    Overall, my experience with Patrick was great and I have received a lot of great feedback from the people I have introduced him to and whom he has also helped find the perfect piece of jewellery for various occasions!"