Princess 1.1

Price is dynamic based on shape, size and weight of the diamond, gemstones and ring.

The princess cut is fit for royalty, distinguished by its clean lines and modern look. Its brilliance and clarity sets it apart as an exquisite diamond for life's most romantic moments. Select the straight setting as tradition or break the norm with a diagonal setting.


Customise your piece with complimentary engraving and embedding birthstones of you and your partner on the sides of your ring.

Complimentary engraving includes up to 25 Latin characters. Re-engraving due to ring resizing is available for £50, VAT inclusive.


Take the proper care for your Patrick Boghossian jewellery so that your piece tells its story for a lifetime.

When using products like handgel, cream, perfume or applying makeup, we recommend removing your piece to avoid stains and wear on the delicate materials and gemstones.

Enjoy a complimentary professional cleaning of your piece at our London and Beirut locations. To clean your jewellery at home, use a soft toothbrush with warm soapy water and gently stroke the corners of your piece.